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Lausanne Occasional Papers (LOPs)

The Lausanne Occasional Papers (LOPs) are historically important documents that have emerged from global consultations involving widely recognized evangelical leaders.


LOP 1: The Pasadena Consultation - Homogeneous Unit Principle
LOP 2: The Willowbank Report: Consultation on Gospel and Culture
LOP 3: The Lausanne Covenant: An Exposition and Commentary by John Stott
LOP 4: The Glen Eyrie Report: Muslim Evangelization
LOP 5: Christian Witness to Refugees
LOP 6: Christian Witness to the Chinese People
LOP 7: Christian Witness to the Jewish People
LOP 8: Christian Witness to Secularized People
LOP 9: Christian Witness to Large Cities
LOP 10: Christian Witness to Nominal Christians Among Roman Catholics
LOP 11: Christian Witness to New Religious Movements
LOP 12: Christian Witness to Marxists
LOP 13: Christian Witness to Muslims
LOP 14: Christian Witness to Hindus
LOP 15: Christian Witness to Buddhists
LOP 16: Christian Witness to Traditional Religionists of Asia and Oceania
LOP 17: Christian Witness to Traditional Religionists of Latin America & Caribbean
LOP 18: Christian Witness to People of African Traditional Religions
LOP 19: Christian Witness to Nominal Christians among the Orthodox
LOP 20: An Evangelical Commitment to Simple Life-style
LOP 21: Evangelism and Social Responsibility: An Evangelical Commitment
LOP 22: Christian Witness to the Urban Poor
LOP 23: Christian Witness to Nominal Christians Among Protestants
LOP 24: Cooperating in World Evangelization: A Handbook on Church/Para-Church Relationships
LOP 26: Radio in Mission
LOP 27: Modern, Postmodern and Christian
LOP 30: Globalization and the Gospel: Rethinking Mission in the Contemporary World
LOP 31: The Uniqueness of Christ in a Postmodern World and the Challenge of World Religions
LOP 32: The Persecuted Church
LOP 33: Holistic Mission
LOP 34: At Risk People
LOP 35A: Ministry Among Least Reached People Groups (27% of the World)
LOP 35B: Ministry Among People with Disabilities
LOP 36: Non Traditional Families: Reaching families with the Good News
LOP 37: Towards the Transformation of Our Cities/Regions
LOP 38: Partnership and Collaboration
LOP 39: The Local Church in Mission: Becoming a Missional Congregation in the Twenty-First Century Global Context and the Opportunities Offered Through Tentmaking Ministry
LOP 40: Marketplace Ministry
LOP 41: Future Leadership: A Call to Develop Christ-like Leaders
LOP 42: Prayer in Evangelism
LOP 43: The Realities of the Changing Expressions of the Church
LOP 44: The Two-Thirds World Church
LOP 45: Religious and Non-Religious Spirituality in the Western World (“New Age”)
LOP 46: Redeeming the Arts: The Restoration of the Arts to God’s Creational Intention
LOP 47: Evangelization of Children - English
LOP 48: Media and Technology - The Rainbow, the Ark & the Cross
LOP 49: Understanding Muslims
LOP 50: The Impact on Global Mission of Religious Nationalism and 9/11 Realities
LOP 51: Reconciliation as the Mission of God: Faithful Christian Witness in a World of Destructive Conflicts and Divisions
LOP 52: The 12/25 Challenge: Reaching the Youth Generation
LOP 53: Empowering Women and Men to Use Their Gifts Together in Advancing the Gospel
LOP 54: Making Disciples of Oral Learners
LOP 55: Diasporas and International Students: The New People Next Door
LOP 56: Funding for Evangelism and Mission
LOP 57: Effective Theological Education for World Evangelization
LOP 58: Bioethics: Obstacle or Opportunity for the Gospel?
LOP 59: Business as Mission - English
LOP 60: Jewish Evangelism: A Call to the Church
LOP 62: Following Jesus in our Broken World (2007 Limuru Consultation, Kenya)
LOP 63: The Whole Gospel (2008 Chiang Mai Consultation, Thailand)
LOP 64: The Whole Church (2009 Panama City, Panama Consultation)
LOP 65: The Whole World (2010 Beirut Consultation, Lebanon)