Creation care is a priority for the Lausanne Movement. This is clear in the creation care language found in The Cape Town Commitment.

We are also commanded to care for the earth and all its creatures, because the earth belongs to God, not to us. We do this for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the creator, owner, sustainer, redeemer and heir of all creation. The Cape Town Commitment II-B-6, I-7

‘Creation Care and the Gospel’ was the topic of the first Lausanne Global Consultation held after the Cape Town Congress. This gathering in November 2012 of 50 people from 26 countries produced a signature document, the Jamaica Call to Action, that has to date been signed online by more than 500 people from many different countries. The Jamaica Call to Action is a series of specific ‘calls’ based on two convictions. First, it affirms The Cape Town Commitment’s statement that creation care is indeed a ‘gospel issue’ that cannot be separated from our call to evangelize the world, ‘an integral part of our mission and an expression of our worship to God’. Second, it recognizes that the environmental crisis in the world today is ‘pressing, urgent, and . . . must be resolved in our generation’.

The Lausanne Catalyst for Creation Care, Ed Brown, is coordinating a global movement based on the Jamaica Call to Action, linking individuals, churches, environmental organizations, and relief and development organizations to mobilize the global church for creation care.

Learn more about the Creation Care and the Gospel Global Campaign.

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