Cape Town 2010 Stewards – A Growing Community

Stewards in Cape Town

I sit here a year since our Lausanne III meeting in Cape Town, I am still filled with so much wonder at what a privilege it was to have served on the Cape Town 2010 Arrangements Committee and worked with so many other team members and stewards of God’s word.

Having served on the Arrangements Committee for just short of three years, I find myself constantly trying to remain a part of the bigger picture of God’s will for this world!  Serving as Stewards Manager was such a special part of my faith walk that I cherish the opportunity that crossed my path.  The joy of watching hundreds of young men and women come together to serve has been an inspiration.

The Lausanne III stewards spent time together before the Congress, and I believe that God really used this time to prepare their hearts for service as well as to form some very special friendships.  Some stewards indicated that the time spent in the Township with ministries was a time of healing for them.  Many commented on how they were able to see Jesus in the face of many of the hard working men and women that served in these ministries.  I can see how this was part of God’s plan to prepare the stewards for what lay ahead.

Each steward arrived with his or her own set of expectations, but all of them arrived with a heart to serve and often were a witness to many participants at the Congress of the heart of Christ on earth.  Their examples of patience, love, kindness, service, etc., were characteristics that could only have been displayed through their own relationships with Christ.

Stewards were assigned to duties that matched their skill or interests, wherever possible.  The Steward Leadership team still looks back in amazement how God used the stewards in crucial areas of the Congress.  He sent us stewards with specific skills that were used to assist the team in fulfilling God’s plan for Cape Town 2010.

Stewards showed themselves as leaders in many areas.  Their ability to solve the transport arrangement problems on day one of the Congress was just the beginning of how God had sent special people.  Stewards found themselves having to transport 3500 delegates to 50 hotels after the opening ceremony.  God used stewards who were able to put a plan together that kept the transport system running smoothly for the rest of the week.

The importance of the Congress taking the message to the outside world was another area where God’s hand was clearly evident.  He provided two stewards with the skills and knowledge needed to solve the Internet problems and within a few hours help get our systems back up and running.

Other stewards found themselves wanting to learn more about the people and Churches of Cape Town.  In fact many, en route to their shifts at the Cape Town Convention Centre, ministered to folk on the street as they had opportunity, thus taking the Congress to the streets of Cape Town.

Even though some stewards were crucial in certain areas, it is important to state that one cannot single out any steward or situation above the rest.  Every steward performed a crucial service, and without them the whole team could not have functioned.

God sealed many friendships during Cape Town 2010.  The Congress was a busy time and the stewards served with such passion.  When the closing ceremony ended, and the building cleared it was sad to know that Cape Town 2010 was over.

Through Facebook the stewards have remained connected with each other. Before Cape Town 2010 I had a list of names, now I know the faces behind the names.  We are able to watch these young leaders finish their studies; get married; have babies; start new jobs and ministries to mention only a few of the joys.  I am able to give thanks for the faces of amazing young folk who prayed for the healing of my daughter.  The Cape Town 2010 stewards are a community of believing leaders who also minister and pray for each other.  They have prayed for the tragedy of Oslo, Norway; rallied prayer support for Japan, prayed for those of the stewards who are struggling with life threatening illnesses or life challenges that cross their paths.

We are now a community who God has brought together through service and humility to bring the gospel to the ends of the world.

This article was published as part of the Anniversary reflections one year after Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.

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