Connector 2.0—The Missional Connection App

The Connector was born on a napkin en route from Paris to Jakarta. Little did I know what would follow that in-flight brainstorming. The Connector grew into a website and mobile app that allowed more than 1,000 younger leaders and mentors participating in the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering to truly connect for global mission before, during, and after the gathering. It took guidance from the Spirit, the generosity of many, and a wonderful team of both staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly and with excellence to make it a reality. By God’s grace, it is now one of the most talked-about successes of the YLG. Here is a short video about its story and vision.

Although we were hopeful that the app would be a great tool, we weren’t prepared for how widely or intentionally it was used. As best as we can tell, more than 95% of participants used the app throughout the gathering. This allowed us to see if and how mobile technology can support Lausanne’s passion to connect influencers and ideas for global mission.

Now that we have a real life case study demonstrating its potential, we’re seeking to develop and enhance it further to serve the broader Lausanne Movement. We’re calling this project Connector 2.0.

With Connector 2.0, we’re dreaming about an app that will facilitate easy and secure connections within missional networks and regional bodies, and could support Lausanne gatherings of any size. We’re dreaming that it would be Lausanne’s ‘vein system’, providing the infrastructure for the Movement’s connections to flow organically. We’re dreaming with an open-source mindset for other ministries to be able to use as well. Dreaming that it will be a tool that emerges out of a community development process, perhaps even through hackathons and other creative means.

So today we’re officially starting to form a global launch team around the new Connector 2.0 development project. And you are invited to join.

We’re looking for developers with experience in mobile and web development projects. We also need people who are good at graphics, UX design, project management, or could provide other related consulting. We need prayer warriors who can cover the process step by step. And we also need those of you who may not fit any of the above categories, but have a passion for the vision of Connector 2.0 and could help test and give feedback on new features as they are ready.

I kindly ask you to consider joining the Connector 2.0 Launch Team. Let me know of your interest by clicking the button below and filling in the simple form. Also, please take a minute to think about who else could be part of this adventure, and forward this invitation to them. Lord, may you provide for this vision and be glorified in the work of our hands.

Let the fun begin!

[Join the Connector 2.0 Launch Team]

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Attila Nyári is the Chair of Communications for the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering. He also serves as the Media Relations & Online Engagement Manager for the Lausanne Movement and as a church-planting pastor in the greater Budapest area in Hungary, Europe.