Grace of Giving and Glory of the Cross Published

Lausanne has the privilege of collecting the best-of-the-best, and making it widely available to serve the Church around the world. We are honoured and humbled to publish some of the finest Bible teachers, and to offer their work in a growing number of languages. This month we launch new editions of two modern classics. (NB for some parts of the world, the launch will be 1st May)

grace-giving-fullThe Grace of Giving: Money and the Gospel
by John Stott and Chris Wright (80pp)
As Chris Wright observes, the Apostle Paul gives more space in his epistles to money than to justification by faith. He and John Stott bring out the Apostle’s teaching on money in a new and fresh way. This short book covers the practical issues we face like deciding how much to give, and what to support. There may be times when it is right to decrease our giving. The amount we give is not the point; it is the spirit in which we give. Ou r giving, says John Stott, should be joyful and proportionate. This new edition also looks at handling money – from the planning of a special appeal onwards. Money is full of temptation and we need safeguards so it is handled well, and transparently. For church members and treasurers, and for treasurers and boards of charities. We know of no other book which does this job.

glory-cross-fullThe Glory of the Cross: Exploring the meaning of the death of Christ
by James Philip (64pp)
This is the most beautiful and perceptive handling of the meaning of the death of Christ I have ever read. Christ’s ‘fierce, costly love’ is brought home in a new way by the Scottish pastor-theologian, James Philip. The book starts at the Last Supper, set in a context of intrigue and betrayal. What, wonders the author, had Judas talked about with his fellow disciple when Christ had sent them out, two-by-two? We see the human Christ as well as the divine Christ. How much the memory of Mary’s love must have meant to him as he struggled in Gethsemane. The book closes with the death of Christ and the glory of the Cross, ’the great crescendo of the gospel’. As Sinclair Ferguson observes in the Foreword, ‘The fine quality of James Philip’s mind will immediately be obvious. But his writing is also full of pathos.’ With illustrations from Omar Khayyam and Ian McEwan, this little book has been used to give to thoughtful readers and thinkers in many cultures, Christians and unbelievers.

I commend these to you, as they have both helped me personally. I often carry copies of The Glory of the Cross to give away in conversation as I travel. If you have comments on anything we publish, which you would like to share, please write to me. And if you would like to commend a title, and had a moment to do so on Amazon or other retail sites, it would be really appreciated.

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Julia Cameron serves as the Lausanne Director of Publishing. Julia has spent 25 years in Communications and Publishing, with OMF International, IFES and Lausanne. She is active in St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford, where she serves on the Church Council and on the leadership team of the postgrad ministry.


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