Week 2, Day 14: Gospel Simplicity for the Joy of the Nations


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The first aim of simplicity in our lives is the glory of God.  That is the ultimate aim.  Yet, an interesting side effect of simplicity is the unleashing of resources for Gospel purposes.

Michael Oh has said, “Some pastors think that their people value money too much. I disagree. I think people value money too little! Money is like blood. There is great value and blessing. But money – like blood – was meant to FLOW! To flow through the body – to clean and cleanse and bless and enrich and support and give life – this is God’s design for the money that He has blessed

you with! You have opportunity for double blessing! To receive and to GIVE! What a shame it is to miss out on the fullness of God’s blessing in giving – and giving SACRIFICIALLY and GENEROUSLY for the flow of blood and blessing to the whole body of Christ – to the global body for the global spread of the gospel!”[1]

Indeed what great work could be accomplished if God’s people would but embrace simplicity, and it’s near friend, generosity!  Godliness with contentment is great gain…gain for us and for the world.  Gain for us in holiness and satisfaction in God alone.  Gain for the world in the laborers for Christ released into the harvest, serving the unreached and unengaged peoples of the world, in the availability of the scriptures translated, in training programs for community health, in economic development, in Gospel-centered medical care and employment.

What will you release for your good, God’s glory, and the good of all peoples?  How will you simplify your life and lifestyle?  How will you cultivate Gospel motivated generosity?

As you reflect on these last seven days, and the call to be people shaped by the gospel, first ask God to purify you.  Then ask God to purify his people, especially those in leadership positions.  Ask him to raise up another generation of godly leaders who are shaped by the gospel and his living Word. Pray that the Church would become known in all places as people who walk in humility, integrity, and simplicity.


Father, we want to be people shaped by the Gospel.  Let the Gospel fuel all that we think, say, and do.  In response to your boundless love for us in Christ, and out of our overflowing love for him, we rededicate ourselves, dependent upon the help of the Holy Spirit, to fully obey all that you command, with Gospel-powered self-denial for our joy and your glory.


[1] Michael Oh, “The Individual’s Suffering and the Salvation of the World.” The Gospel Coalition, 2013.

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