Week 3, Day 20: A Survey of Fallenness

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When we look at the world, what evidence of the Fall of humanity is visible?  Perhaps you don’t need to read further because that simple question has given you enough about which to pray. For those that read on, let’s look at two pieces of evidence, and allow them to lead us into prayer for our world.

First, consider how the world and its systems compare to the biblical call for justice. There is no earthly government that meets God’s standard, yet we seek to obey biblical teaching to be good citizens, to seek the welfare of the nation where we live, to honor and pray for those in authority, to pay taxes, to do good, and to seek to live peaceful and quiet lives. The Christian is called to submit to the state, unless the state commands what God forbids, or prohibits what God commands. If the state forces us to choose between loyalty to it and our higher loyalty to God, we must say “No” because we have said “Yes” to Jesus Christ as Lord.

This “Yes” includes our call to always speak and act for justice.  There is no contradiction between being willing to personally suffer the abuse or loss of our own rights for the sake of Christ, and being committed to advocate and speak up for those who are voiceless because of the violation of their human rights.  In what ways are God-ordained human rights violated in the region where you are?  Is poverty rampant due to corruption or greed?  Are men, women, and children in need of help with the essentials of food, shelter, and clothing?  Are people marginalized or injured unjustly?  Pray now for those situations and for the people involved that they will experience true biblical justice.

A word of caution. The world defines human rights differently than God.  The “right” to take the life of the unborn child in many nations is, in fact, calling good, “evil” and calling evil, “good.”  Our rights, and those of all people, come from God, not from others.

Second, consider the scattering of people around the world due to economic, political, and social upheaval.  The Cape Town Commitment declares, “People are on the move as never before. It is estimated that 200 million people are living outside their countries of origin, voluntarily or involuntarily. Vast numbers of people from many religious backgrounds, including Christians, live in diaspora conditions: economic migrants seeking work; internally-displaced peoples because of war or natural disaster; refugees and asylum seekers; victims of ethnic cleansing; people fleeing religious violence and persecution; famine sufferers – whether caused by drought, floods, or war; victims of rural poverty moving to cities…We are convinced that contemporary migrations are within the sovereign missional purpose of God, without ignoring the evil and suffering that can be involved.”[1]

Will we care for and welcome the “stranger” in our midst?  Will we seek justice for those suffering under injustice? Pray for the scattered and oppressed, and ask God to use you as an answer to that prayer.  Pray against injustice, and then act on behalf of those who desperately need King Jesus’ righteous reign manifested in their lives and countries.  Watch the following video and allow it to stir up further prayer for the Fallen world.

VIDEO – Pranitha Timothy – Human Trafficking

[1] The Cape Town Commitment, 95-97.


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