Barbara Shantz Catalyst for Ministry Fundraising


Barbara was born in Canada to a first-generation immigrant family. She believes that biblical fundraising connects incarnational believers to generous giving of their influence, time, skills, and possessions toward the Great Commission. 

Barbara joined TWR (Trans World Radio) in 1999 after learning corporate, volunteer, and event fundraising during employment at a city art gallery in Canada. She served as US Church Ministries Director, TWR Europe Director of Marketing and Development, and TWR’s Global Fund Development Strategist, working with TWR’s ministry leaders from around the world to encourage biblical generosity, stewardship, and missions and local fundraising as they work to take the gospel to the whole world by mass media. 

Barbara now has her own consulting business, Give Way Visioneering, through which she serves the OPEN/NexusB4T Network (International Director of Development) and other nonprofit clientele. She has a BS in business administration (Meredith College) and continues life-long learning in an MA program studying organizational leadership with York College. Barbara and her husband, Steve, enjoy living in eastern Canada near their two children and four grandchildren.