Anara Nessipbekova Catalyst for Women in Evangelism


Anara Nessipbekova was born to Muslim parents, came to believe in Christ in 1997 in Kazakhstan, and was baptized in a Russian Baptist church. After experiencing much persecution from non-believing relatives and authorities, in December 2004, she heard God’s call to serve women in Kazakhstan.

From 2005-2010, Anara studied in Moldova and Kiev, Ukraine, and received a Bachelor’s degree in social work. She is also pursuing a Master’s degree. During that time, Anara and her husband led a conference in Moldova and held a weekly Bible study with women in Ukraine. She organized social projects for women in Eastern Europe, partnering with international organizations that serve women around the world. She is currently involved in social projects against slavery and domestic violence and cruelty, as well as serving women of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Since 2010, Anara and her family have lived in the US, partnering with various organizations including Slavic churches, leading conferences and seminars, developing leadership among women, and working on new women’s training projects. Anara participated in the Lausanne Cape Town 2010 Congress and the Lausanne Global Leadership Forum in India in 2013. She is currently serving as a Lausanne Catalyst for Women in Evangelism.

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