Darnell Barkman Catalyst for Reconciliation


Darnell believes the Creator God patiently works with human partners to reconcile all things. He’s passionate about inviting the world to experience the love of our Creator in local congregations and mobilizing the church to live like Jesus in every neighbourhood. Darnell is a carpenter, forester, church planter, and peacebuilder who pastors Peace Church Philippines in Metro Manila. He has been serving as a Mennonite Church Canada International Witness Worker for the last six years.

After serving in Mindanao, Philippines, from 2008-9 with Peacebuilders Community Inc., Darnell and his family moved from Vancouver, Canada, to Metro Manila in 2012 to help start Peace Church Philippines. Peace Church embodies God’s reconciling mission through worship, community organizing, local peacebuilding and reconciliation, disaster relief, earthbag home building, bible teaching, and more.

Darnell has a BA in Intercultural Studies from Columbia Bible College and will complete his MA in Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development at Canadian Mennonite University in August 2018. He currently lives in Metro Manila with his wife and four young children and will be moving back to Vancouver in 2018.