The Greatest Barrier to God’s Mission is God’s People

calling-church-fullwidthFrom Abraham to present day, the greatest barrier to God’s mission has been, in fact, his own people. What are the idols that keep us from truly living for God? And what can we do to return to the Lord? In this essential talk, Chris Wright reminds us that before we can seek the lost, we must seek the Lord with humility, integrity, and simplicity.

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:09 The Mission of God’s People
  • 03:33 The Greatest Barrier: The Idols of God’s People
  • 06:50 The Idols of Power and Pride
  • 08:35 The Idols of Popularity and Success
  • 11:28 The Idols of Wealth and Greed
  • 13:16 The Need for Repentance
  • 18:27 HIS (Humility, Integrity, Simplicity) People
  • 20:35 Concluding Remarks: From Reconciliation to Unity


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