Ravi Zacharias says the World Is Watching

influencers-zacharias-fullwidthThe world is looking for relevance in the Christian gospel. What better way to show this than how we live our lives, centered around Christ, his cross, and compassion? Ravi Zacharias draws from Acts 24 to demonstrate the crucial need for Christians to communicate the gospel not only through their words, but through their actions.

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  • 00:00 Introductory Remarks
  • 01:48 The Problems of Communication
  • 05:26 Drawing from Scripture
  • 08:53 A Point of Reference: Christ
  • 16:36 A Point of Relevance: Compassion
  • 19:38 A Point of Disturbance: The Cross
  • 23:26 The World Is Waiting to See, Not Just Hear


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