Theology Talks from GWF2019

What is the place of our everyday work and business in Christian theology? Can working in the marketplace be a spiritual calling, equally significant as a calling to ministry? How can we reframe our thinking with the help of theology

Who’s Next After Billy Graham?

Times have changed since the mid-twentieth century, when evangelist, media darling, and founder of the Lausanne Movement Billy Graham reached more than 214 million people through his crusades around the world. Today some Christians have become confused or even cynical

Panels from GWF2019

How are Christians to live out their faith in the workplace through different levels of responsibility? How can faith be helpful in navigating workplace complexities? Can Christians working in different companies and sectors coordinate to form a layer of influence

Four Paintings, Four Years, and Lausanne’s Fourfold Vision

Editor’s Note: The artist Bryn Gillette was commissioned by the Lausanne Movement to paint a series of four paintings corresponding to the Movement’s four-part vision statement, ‘The gospel for every person, an evangelical church for every people, Christ-like leaders for

Devotions from GWF2019

This year’s major Lausanne event, the 2019 Global Workplace Forum, called Christians around the world to move away from a mindset that puts faith and work in separate boxes. But how are we to live out our Christian faith in

How Two Breakfasts in Cape Town Led to a Movement for the World’s Cities

One morning in 2010, Tim Keller, founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, sat down for breakfast with Bob Doll, a highly respected investment manager. They had first met a year before at a fundraising event in

2019 Global Workplace Forum Preliminary Impact Report

Executive Summary ‘I realized that I’ve been thinking too small. Thank you for blowing my mind in good ways! You deepened my theology of work and broadened my thinking as to service, change, and expanding the kingdom. I came back

Disability in Mission: The Church’s Hidden Treasure

Imagine you are at the dawn of creation when the angels sang God’s praises. Would it shock you to hear lyrics about God’s plan to bring glory to himself by enabling persons with disabilities to lead the powerful across the

Christians at Work—The Missing Link in Fulfilling the Great Commission

‘I believe that one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace.’ This quote from founder Billy Graham sums up the purpose of the most recent gathering hosted by the Lausanne Movement,

Should evangelism be the highest priority of Christians at work?

What does it mean to walk faithfully as a Christian in the place where most of us spend our days—the workplace? Christianity Today has just published an article where key leaders and speakers for the Global Workplace Forum answer the

An Apology to the Christian 99%, from the 1%

‘I want to repent, on behalf of the 1%, for viewing the 99% of the church not in professional ministry as existing to support our ministry. This couldn’t be more wrong.’ These are the words of apology of Michael Oh,

Gospel Friendship and Faithful Communal Witness in East Asia

Amidst marked regional differences, longstanding historical enmities, and significant missional challenges, 220 younger leaders from China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong gathered from 25-28 March on Jeju Island, South Korea, for the first-ever Lausanne East Asia Younger

Inside a Cabinet Maker’s Ministry

Forty years ago, Steve Bell began building cabinets in his garage. Those humble beginnings have grown over the decades into Bellmont Cabinet Co., an award-winning manufacturing company specializing in the minimalist ‘frameless’ cabinet, of which Steve was one of the

For Such a Time as This

On the morning of 8 November 2013, the newly-elected vice mayor of Tacloban City sat down for breakfast with his wife and kids. Joining them was a journalist friend and his news team, who hoped to shoot a good angle

A Brighter Future

Growing up in China, Peggy was not always a young Christian leader. The daughter of a loyal Communist Party member and a devout Buddhist, she came to know Christ in college through a campus fellowship group. Encountering Jesus and growing

Give Your Church a Vision for the World

Most of us recognise that we live in a very big, very complex world where there’s a lot going on in the global church that we’re not aware of or that we don’t quite understand. Most of us also recognise

Reaching North Korea through Faith and Work

▶ Video: Sarah’s story in her own words In 2010, four thousand delegates from 198 countries gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, for the Lausanne Movement’s Third International Congress on World Evangelization. Called ‘the most representative gathering of Christian leaders

Feel Guilty When You Rest?

Take Care of Yourself: Survive and Thrive in Christian Ministry, the newest book from the Lausanne Library, explores why looking after yourself is so vital to surviving and thriving in Christian ministry. We talked to the author, Pablo Martinez, about

Introducing Lausanne Global Classroom

What would it be like if you could gather leaders, theologians, and experts from around the world to come present about crucial issues in a class you’re teaching, at your ministry team meetings, or in your home? This is now

Praying Together for the Fulfilment of the Great Commission

‘As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world . . . I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent