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    Gifts from around the World

    The last days of the year are always exciting. They’re a time to look back and look ahead; a time to rest from work; and a time to give thanks. I spent the last few days of the year, especially the last day of the year, and even the last hours of the year, watching in… More
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    Introducing the Quito Call to Action on Children at Risk

    The Lausanne Consultation on Children at Risk was held in Quito, Ecuador, on 17-19 November 2014. We were gathered with more than 60 foremost experts in the area of children-at-risk, including church leaders, theologians, missiologists, and NGO representatives. The two documents that emerged are the fruit of our collaborative work from this gathering, and I… More
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    2015 Matching Gift: Advance Strategic Initiatives

    Update: By God’s grace we met and exceeded the $541,620 matching opportunity! (Learn more) 2015 has been a year of many strategic initiatives for the Lausanne Movement. Last month in Hong Kong, we held an historic gathering of 900 Chinese leaders for the launch of the Mission China 2030 vision. The vision of Mission China… More
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    Global Mental Health and the Church

    Participants from 17 countries met in Bad Liebenzell, Germany, on 22-25 June 2015 for the Symposium on Global Mental Health and the Church. This was upon invitation of the Liebenzell International University together with the Liebenzell Mission and the Lausanne Network for Care and Counsel as Mission. More
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    July 2015: Clarity, Unity, and Momentum

    Last year we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Lausanne Movement, full of thanksgiving for God’s tremendous work of grace the past 40 years, and a recognition of 3 very special gifts God gave us moving forward—clarity, unity, and momentum. We’ve seen this emerge particularly through Lausanne’s fresh articulation of who we are and what… More
  • Lausanne Event

    The Cape Town Commitment on Disordered Sexuality

    The past few weeks and months have reminded us of the need for faithful biblical teaching and faithful biblical living. Several nations including Ireland, France, and most recently the United States, have legalized same sex marriage. In light of the ongoing challenge of what The Cape Town Commitment describes as ‘disordered sexuality’, I would like… More
  • Hyatt Moore creates a banquet table surrounded by people with disabilities from all nations

    Disability Ministry Leaders Gather for Lausanne Consultation

    Featured image: Hyatt Moore creates a banquet table surrounded by people with disabilities from all nations based on Luke 14:20, at the Joni and Friends Global Access Conference which preceded the Lausanne Consultation on Disability Concerns. © 2015 Joni and Friends, used with permission Why do so few people with disabilities serve as Christian leaders? If… More
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    Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians Envision Reconciliation

    Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians met together in Limassol, Cyprus, 26-30 January 2015 to discuss, pray, and work towards reconciliation. The Lausanne Initiative for Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine (LIRIP), an initiative of the Lausanne Movement, hosted the conference. Its vision is ‘to promote reconciliation within the body of Christ and our wider communities in Israel and Palestine by creating… More
  • shepherd

    A Once-in-a-Generation Gathering

    Among the 3,000 nominees for the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG2016) is a young pastor from Sierra Leone named Matthew Brima. I spoke with him several weeks ago to learn more about what is happening on the ground with the Ebola outbreak and to have the opportunity to pray with Matthew. Matthew had written to… More
  • Benin 2014 match update

    A Gift of Love from Benin: Celebrating 2014 Year-End Giving

    ‘Where in the world is Cotonou?’ I thought to myself as I read about a USD $40 donation that was made during our recent matching grant opportunity. After searching online, I learned that Cotonou, while not the capital, is the largest and most influential city in Benin. I felt tears welling up in my eyes… More
  • Lausanne Consultation on Children at Risk

    The Lausanne Consultation on Children at Risk was held in Quito, Ecuador, from 17-20 November 2014. This gathering was convened by Menchit Wong, Lausanne Senior Associate for Children at Risk, along with Anne-Christine Bataillard, Lausanne Senior Associate for Evangelism among Children. More than 60 participants came from every continent representing theologians, academics, denomination and NGO… More
  • Extend the impact of your gift

    Extend the Reach of Your Financial Gift and Strengthen Significant Mission Initiatives

    Editor’s note: Lausanne received $458,380 in gifts and commitments toward fulfilling the year-end USD $500,000 matching gift. We are so grateful for the the prayerful support from so many around the world! If you missed the 31 December deadline for the match, your gifts are still a tremendous help. It’s my joy to share some wonderful news with… More
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    Churches Celebrate Global Mission Sunday 2014

    This past Sunday, we celebrated Global Mission Sunday with hundreds of churches around the world! Churches in Sri Lanka, Serbia, Japan, and Singapore! We were joined even by churches in Sierra Leone, despite their life and death crisis with the Ebola virus. One pastor from Sierra Leone told me that although many churches in West… More
  • Ebola

    An Update on the Ebola Outbreak and Urgent Call to Prayer

    Alarming statistics The West African Ebola outbreak that started in December 2013 is so far the largest and deadliest recorded in history. The confirmed and suspected cases as of 20 August 2014 were 2,615 with 844 EVD (Ebola Virus Disease) confirmed deaths. On 17 September, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Margaret Chan said there were… More
  • Connecting

    More than a New Website

    You’ve probably noticed that we’ve launched a new website! It’s a big step forward for us, as a clear, easily accessible online presence is an important part of our work in connecting influencers and ideas for global mission. I’m particularly grateful to the team of volunteers and staff from six continents who put in hundreds… More
  • Lausanne Sunday

    Global Mission Sunday

    Connect Your Local Church with God’s Global Mission Hundreds of churches participated in the launch of Global Mission Sunday on 16 November 2014. The toolkit resources will continue to be available for churches and groups to use to celebrate Global Mission Sunday at any time. If your church wasn’t able to participate on 16 November, we… More
  • Lausanne 1974

    Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the First International Congress on World Evangelization

    Forty years ago today, Billy Graham, John Stott, and more than 2,400 other evangelical leaders from 150 countries gathered for the opening ceremony of the first International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland. Billy Graham set the context for the Congress in his opening address, ‘Never before have so many representatives of so many… More
  • EPSA REPORT—May 2014

    This report gives a brief overview and update on three priority mission focus areas in our five-year strategy framework. More
  • Michael Oh with Participants in the 1974

    40 Years Later: Back in Lausanne

    Ten days ago we concluded our international leadership meeting, a European leaders meeting, and 40th anniversary celebration near Lausanne, Switzerland, where the first International Congress on World Evangelization was held in 1974. More
  • Japan Lausanne Meeting

    Japanese Leaders Embrace The Lausanne Movement

    It was during a committee meeting in August 2013, held at the conclusion of the annual Japan Lausanne retreat, when we deliberated how best to present Michael Oh, the new global leader, to Christian leaders in Japan. A plan quickly emerged to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Lausanne Movement by hosting a reception with… More
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    How to Pray for Ukraine Today

    Winter 2014 has become the most tragic period in Ukraine’s history of national development. For more than three months, there has been a very aggressive confrontation between the people of Ukraine and government special police forces. Demonstration lost its peaceful character after people were killed, and the 19th of February was a horrible day, marked by close to 900 injured people and 77 dead due to gunshot wounds. Prayer is much needed for families of those who lost their loved ones. May the Lord protect their hearts, minds, and souls from hatred and aggressive decisions. More
  • Celebrate God’s Provision

    Celebrate God’s Provision!

    Praise God for his provision! In late December the $500,000 match offer was 100% completed by God’s grace because of gifts and commitments from people like you.   More
  • Oh Family Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    From my family to the Lausanne family all around the world, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your love, prayers, support, and for being a part of The Lausanne Movement. God is using you to bless the whole world!Michael Oh Executive Director/CEO More
  • Pietermaritzburg, 1992

    A Mandela Tribute and Perspective from Isaiah

    As one of the Lausanne Co-Chairs, it is my privilege to greet you all at this Christmas/New Year season and wish upon you all the Lord’s most choicest blessings at this very special time of year when we remember our Saviour’s incarnation and the hope, light and love he brought, and continues to bring, to the world. More
  • Christmas Gift to Lausanne

    Merry Christmas and heavenly blessings in Christ as we enter the month of December! We have a lot to celebrate and praise God for, with the amazing growth of the gospel and the church in Africa in this generation!!! It was a great privilege for Africa to host the historic Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town 2010 under the great leadership of Doug Birdsall, Lindsay Brown, Archbishop Henry Orombi, Gideon Para-Mallam, and the exemplary team of global Christian leaders who led the Congress—eternal blessings on everyone! More
  • Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

    Why Christians Should Care: Reflections from Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service

    Spontaneous shouts of “Tata Madiba!” in chorus of voice and body spread like waves throughout the stadium long before Nelson Mandela’s memorial service even began.  I turned to the Archbishop of Johannesburg to ask what they were saying.  “They’re chanting his name, ‘Father Madiba,’” he said with a smile.  “They’re chanting his name.” More
  • Michael Oh

    21 Days Left for Gift Matching Opportunity

    I want the world to look different in 10 years. These are the words I used in June at my installation in Bangalore. It’s why I said yes to the incredibly challenging calling to lead The Lausanne Movement. It’s also why I’m writing this. More
  • Photo by Ted Eytan

    Traveling to Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service

    6:36 p.m. – On a plane from Nagoya to Taiwan, then Hong Kong, then Johannesburg. It was a frantic morning after getting an email from South Africa about the possibility of an invitation to attend Nelson Mandela’s memorial and funeral services. Was a jolting shock to even hear of the possibility. An unbelievable honor. Never for a moment did I imagine that something like this would be possible; hence absolutely no prior preparation had been made on my part! More
  • Doug Birdsall

    Strengthen and Extend the Impact of Lausanne

    It is a pleasure to write on behalf of my friend Michael Oh and all of our friends from the Lausanne global family as they give leadership to the Movement.  These are exciting and challenging days for Lausanne.  We are profoundly grateful to God for the way in which he has blessed Lausanne through an infusion of energy and talent represented by younger leaders with a fresh commitment to the vision of “the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world.” More
  • Nigeria Lausanne Congress

    Nigeria Lausanne Congress on Evangelization

    To the glory of God, the Nigeria Lausanne Congress 2013 has ended with a fresh emphasis and unified resolve by key church, mission, political, educational and other marketplace leaders to diligently pray and work in unity and in the power of the Holy Spirit toward national transformation and fulfilling the missional mandate of the Nigerian Church in world evangelization.   More
  • Michael Oh at Global Leadership Forum

    Gift-Doubling Opportunity for Global and Eternal Impact

    “I want the world to look different in ten years.” At my installation service in Bangalore in June, these are the words I used to explain why I said yes to this incredibly challenging calling to lead The Lausanne Movement.    More
  • Studying Ephesians with the Global Church

    Studying Ephesians with the Global Church

    We’re pleased to announce the availability this month of Ephesians: Studying with the Global Church, a study guide and DVD curriculum ideal for home groups or adult Sunday school classes based on the study of Ephesians at Cape Town 2010. The Holy Spirit seems to be highlighting the book of Ephesians for The Lausanne Movement… More
  • Ramez Atallah on the Situation in Egypt

    In this video Ramez Atallah, General Director of The Bible Society of Egypt and Vice Chair of The Lausanne Movement, shares an update on the tense situation in Egypt as a basis for how Christians around the world can be in prayer. Watch the video below and read more about why “Egypt has an encouraging… More
  • Participant interaction

    Asian Church Leaders Forum Report

    Christian leaders from the house church networks in mainland China overcame tremendous hurdles in their attempt to attend the Asian Church Leaders Forum (ACLF) in Seoul More
  • A Call to Seasoned Ministry Leaders

    In July 2012, 120 select younger leaders from the U.S. and Canada gathered in Madison, Wisconsin, for the North American Younger Leaders Consultation (NAYLG) to strategize on fresh approaches to sharing the Christian message. The 120 leaders spent much of their time in working groups and focusing on issues such as: Ministry in the Workplace,… More
  • Michael Oh Video

    The End is the Beginning

    In this video, Michael Oh shares five ways that your interaction with Lausanne can continue as the Global Prayer Focus draws to a close. More
  • Doug Birdsall video

    The Next Season of Lausanne

    This is an exciting season for Lausanne, a season of new possibilities and opportunities. Watch these videos from Lausanne Honorary Chairman Doug Birdsall and Sarah Plummer, chair of the Lausanne Intercessory Working Group. More
  • Week 4, Day 28: Media and the Gospel

    Media – Traditional and New – has been a friend of the Gospel and the word of Christ, when it has been used strategically and creatively. More
  • Week 4, Day 27: The Marketplace and World Evangelization

    Also available in: Español | français The Lord uses marketplace sectors (Medical, Education, Science, Government, Media, etc.) to allow his people opportunities to serve and share with those living outside the reach of the Gospel; however in some Creative Access Nations (CANs) many traditional tentmaking roles are increasingly suspected of being connected to evangelistic endeavors.  More
  • Week 4, Day 26: Social Concerns and World Evangelization

    Also available in: Español | français Where does the Kingdom of God need to "come in power" in your region? In what ways is God being dishonored by the mistreatment and abuse of men, women, and children? As we reflect on the injustice and sadness of the world, we join together in prayer, asking for God's mercy. More
  • Week 4, Day 25: All Denominations – All Organizations

    Also available in: Español | français Is there ever room for rivalry in the house of God? Is it ever acceptable for God's people to seek to advance their own ministry or agenda over another one? The Apostle Paul reminds us that if we have to ask these things, then we have missed the point of the Gospel; the Gospel that unites all of God's people into one body. More
  • Week 4, Day 24: Men and Women, Young and Old in Partnership

    Also available in: Español | français It's been said by numerous authors, ethnographers, and sociologists that teens in the world's urban centers have more in common with each other than with older generations in their own cultures. Whether we call it globalization or "McDonaldization", inexpensive, accessible media has helped advance an emerging youth worldview which is very different from previous generations. More
  • Week 4, Day 23: The Global Body of Christ

    Also available in: Español | français If anything should encourage us to continue in the work of World Evangelization, it should be the historic growth of the Church, particularly in the last few decades. Around the world brothers and sisters are daily being added to the number of those who are being saved, to the number of those who are worshipping and heralding the name of Jesus! Praise the Lord who is building his Church! More
  • Week 4 Video

    Week 4, Day 22: Our Partnership in the Gospel

    Dr. Davi Gomes, Chancellor of Mackenzie University in Brazil and Dr. Michael Oh, Executive Director/CEO of The Lausanne Movement introducing this week's theme "Our Partnership in the Gospel". More
  • Week 3, Day 21: Not the Way it’s Supposed to Be

    Also available in: Español | français Yesterday, we prayed for those suffering under systems of injustice, and for those who have been scattered from their homelands due to violence and other factors.  Today we conclude our prayer theme on a World without the Gospel.  Reflect on what we’ve seen.  More
  • Week 3, Day 20: A Survey of Fallenness

    Also available in: Español | français When we look at the world, what evidence of the Fall of humanity is visible?  Perhaps you don’t need to read further because that simple question has given you enough about which to pray. For those that read on, let's look at two pieces of evidence, and allow them to lead us into prayer for our world.   More
  • Week 3, Day 19: Global Day of Prayer

    Also available in: Español | français Today is the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP,  We encourage you to join in local expressions of the GDOP, whether in your church, city, or nation.   More
  • Week 3, Day 18: The Persecuted Church

    Also available in: Español | français What does your faith in Jesus Christ cost you daily?  If it costs a great deal, may the Lord strengthen you and comfort you.  If it costs you very little, may the Lord give you wisdom as you seek to risk more for the sake of the name of Christ.  Watch the below video of a brother who is paying the cost to serve Christ.   More
  • Week 3, Day 17: Faithfulness to the Task for the Joy of the Nations

    Also available in: Español | français Missionary and founder of the China Inland Mission (now OMF International), Hudson Taylor, was speaking to a large gathering of Christians in his native England, and told the story of a man to whom he had been witnessing who fell out of a boat and into the China Sea while on their way to Sungkiang.  Nearby was a fishing boat with large nets that could be used to save the man who could not swim.  Here is the conversation between Taylor and the fishermen:   More
  • Week 3, Day 16: Faithfulness to the Task for the Glory of God

    Also available in: Español | français What a great day it will be when people from all the nations join together in praise to our God.  When the nations bring their gifts of praise before King Jesus, worshiping and acknowledging that he is King!  When every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord! More
  • 2013-05michael-videow3

    Week 3, Day 15: A World Apart from the Gospel

    We invite you to watch this video from Michael Oh, The Lausanne Movement Executive Director, as he introduces week 3 of our Global Prayer Focus on the topic “A World Apart from the Gospel”. More
  • Week 2, Day 14: Gospel Simplicity for the Joy of the Nations

    Also available in: Español | français The first aim of simplicity in our lives is the glory of God.  That is the ultimate aim.  Yet, an interesting side effect of simplicity is the unleashing of resources for Gospel purposes. More
  • Week 2, Day 13: Gospel Simplicity for the Glory of God

    We have been known to look to money for salvation and satisfaction.  Surely every Christian at some time has thought or said, “If I could just make a little more money, then…”  But money does not meet our needs, God does.  Money is not our good Father who cares for us, God is.  Oh Lord, forgive us. More
  • Week 2, Day 12: Organizations of Integrity

    We cannot build the kingdom of God - a kingdom of truth - on the foundation of dishonesty.  Yet in our craving for ‘success’ and ‘results’ we are tempted to sacrifice our integrity, with distorted or exaggerated claims that amount to lies. More
  • Week 2, Day 11: People of Integrity

    Also available in: Español | français Integrity means wholeness, or a state of having all the parts of a thing or person fully and rightly fitted together. The opposite of integrity is brokenness, which we know is caused by sin.  For the Christian, integrity is served and supported by unrelenting truth. More
  • Week 2, Day 10: Power, Humility, and Love

    These words are saturated with biblical teaching on love.  Yet, is this robust, life-giving love what we see in the world? The Church?  In place of love, all too often we see a thirst for self. More
  • Week 2, Day 9: Gospel Powered Humility

    We exalt ourselves, claiming superiority of gender, race, or social status. Paul counters all these marks of the idolatry of pride and power with his requirement that those who are filled by God’s Spirit should submit to one another for Christ’s sake.   More
  • Week 1, Day 4: Reconciled to God: The Gospel as the true source of all forgiveness

    Father, as we continue to pray together, meet us here in fellowship. Give us eyes to see ourselves in light of the reality of the Gospel. Speak today, for your servants are listening. Also available in: Español | français Father, as we continue to pray together, meet us here in fellowship.  Give us eyes to… More