Best Of Lausanne

  • Are You Building Babel or Serving Christ?


    We who live on earth today are not very different from the people of Babel, putting our trust in the things we build, buy, and desire. In all this, we try to make a name for ourselves rather than glorifying the one true living God. How can we find real healing from our addiction to self sufficiency? How can we find the courage to live and die for Christ? If you watch one thing today, let it be this passionate, empowering sermon by Anne Zaki (Egypt), who answers these questions and more. (more…)

  • What Went Wrong with Rwandan Christianity in 1994?


    Most people have heard of the Rwandan genocide of 1994–but few know that Rwanda was almost 90% Christian at the time. It left the Rwandan church to wonder, ‘What went wrong with our Christianity?’ Through careful analysis and searing insights, Antoine Rutayisire reveals what must happen in order for true healing to occurnot just in Rwanda, but anywhere. In fact, in reading this article, you may find that the story of the Rwandan church is the story of us all. (more…)

  • Billy Graham Answers ‘Why Lausanne?’


    Take a trip back in time to 1974 in Lausanne, Switzerland, to experience the opening plenary address given by Billy Graham at the First International Congress on World Evangelization. Available in both print and audio, ‘Why Lausanne?’ is as relevant today as it was more than 40 years ago. We pray that as you experience Graham’s address for yourself, you can draw closer to the heartbeat of global missions and find renewed zeal to take part in the evangelization of the world. That the Earth May Hear His Voice! (more…)

  • The Good News for Honor-Shame Cultures


    How do we deal with shame as Christians? In one of our most popular articles from this year, Jayson Georges explores how the gospel transforms shame into God-given honor by connecting the patterns seen throughout Scripture with the lived realities of many cultures. This poignant (and remarkably practical) article from the Lausanne Global Analysis will reshape your understanding of shame and offer a fresh perspective on the mission of the church. (more…)

  • Humble Confessions: Watershed Moments in Leadership

    best-of-feature-image-1How can leaders be sustained in the midst of hardship, temptations, and loneliness? Available online for the first time since the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, this exclusive panel discussion features seasoned leaders from Kenya, Armenia, and Norway as they share intimately and humbly about their watershed moments in Christian witness and leadership. (more…)

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