The Reformation: What You Need to Know and Why

ref-no-whiteThe Reformation changed everything – culture, commerce and learning. Here in these few pages we focus on its core, its defining of a new Protestant church.

While Wittenberg in 1517 is often regarded as the start of the Reformation, the earliest-recorded heretik died in Scotland more than a hundred years earlier. Part l offers a fast-paced storyline of the whole period.

This book does not celebrate a schism. It sets forth biblical truth, and the part each of us must play in passing that truth on to the next generation. If the church is to be effective, we must believe and confess the gospel, obey it and adorn it, proclaim it and argue it, defend it, and be willing to suffer for it.

What of Christ’s prayer for Christians to be one? Would it be better to ignore, even forget the Reformation? If we look more closely at that prayer, we may be surprised by what we find.


  • Timeline
  • ‘The Story and Significance of the Reformation’ by Mike Reeves
  • ‘What is the Evangelical Faith and Why Does it Matter?’ by John Stott
  • Questions for Reflection
  • Martin Luther’s 95 Theses



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Date: 05 Apr 2017