Studying Ephesians with the Global Church

This six-week study, designed for home groups, is unique. You receive a DVD with six expositions from some of the most gifted expositors around the world. Ajith Fernando (Sri Lanka), John Piper (US), Ruth Padilla Deborst (El Salvador), Vaughan Roberts (UK), Calisto Odede (Kenya) and Ramez Atallah (Egypt) bring us insights which Christ has given to the Church on their continents. It is a very rich collection, given by Christ for his Church to share.

As a group, you then study the passage yourselves, digging into the text using questions from the study material. A pullout of the whole of Ephesians is provided with each Participant’s Guide. It is designed as a one-hour study, but can be varied for local needs.


North America UK

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