International Orality Network Africa Consultation

26 Nov 2018 · 30 Nov 2018

Johannesburg, South Africa

The International Orality Network (ION) will be hosting the ION Africa Consultation from 26-30 November 2018. The consultation will address key questions such as:

  • Who is an oral learner? 
  • How do we reach every oral learner in Africa so that he or she has the opportunity to become a follower of Jesus? 
  • What must we give oral learners in order to best sustain a movement of self-replicating disciples? 
  • How do we reach the least unreached people with the word of God and disciple them effectively within their culture? 
  • Storytelling, arts, and culture have been part of the tradition and culture of Africa. How do these and other traditions help in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ among oral learners?
The consultation will take place at the eMseni Christian Conference Center in Johannesburg, South Africa. 150 people are expected to attend. Due to limited space, only those who register early will be able to secure their participation. To register, please send an email to [email protected] or visit for more information. 
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