Latin American Summit for Refugees and the Persecuted

12 Oct 2018 · 15 Oct 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Latin American Summit for Refugees and the Persecuted will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 12-15 October 2018. The summit will work toward accomplishing three main goals: Know, Reflect, and Act. First, the summit will help inform about the situation of refugees, persecuted people (especially Christians), and less-evangelized peoples, since many of them live in difficult contexts. Second, participants will reflect on the issues at hand in accordance with the Bible and the current realities of the world. And third, the summit will call people, churches, and organizations to a renewed testimony in word and deeds. Among the participants will be national leaders from the Middle East, Asia, and other places, who will share their insights and testimonies. The program will include Bible study sessions, seminars, panels, extended times of prayer, ministry and country presentations, exploration of trends and global issues, and small group times to discuss concrete actions. The gathering will also include a time of connection for friends of the Lausanne Movement in Latin America, including those who wish to get more engaged with the Movement. Preceding the summit, a special forum will be held on 9 October to raise public awareness of refugees and the persecuted. Leaders from the government, media, secular organizations, and other key sectors will be invited to the forum, which will also include a press conference. For questions, please email [email protected].

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