Global Mission Sunday Resources

Thank you for your interest in joining local churches around the world for Global Mission Sunday! We pray that through this initiative, your local church will connect more strategically and deeply with God’s global mission. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Resource Toolkit

Global Mission Sunday ToolkitWe have prepared a special resource toolkit with suggestions for your Sunday worship service. Some churches may structure their entire worship service around the global mission theme, while others may only incorporate one or two suggestions. Please incorporate any and all of the elements that best fit your church and context.

The toolkit includes:

  • Ideas for corporate prayer, worship, and creative arts
  • Some thoughts for a sermon on the theme of global mission
  • A brief way to introduce your congregation to the Lausanne Movement
  • Video resources
  • Ways to include global mission in the benediction, Lord’s Supper, and offering
  • Ideas for post-service fellowship, how to share about your experience with Global Mission Sunday, and next steps

Download the Global Mission Sunday Toolkit (PDF)

Spotlight a Global Mission Issue

The Lausanne Movement focuses on 36 of the most pressing missional challenges and opportunities facing the church today. We encourage you to highlight one of these issues on Global Mission Sunday using the available resources below. Bulletin inserts with an overview of the issue and prayer points have been provided for the first 3 issues.

Ebola CrisisIntegral Mission and the Ebola Epidemic

Download bulletin insert:

Additional related resources:

Radical IslamRadical Islam and ISIS

Download bulletin insert:

Additional related resources:

Ukraine CrisisProclamation Evangelism in the Context of Ukraine/Russia

Download bulletin insert:

Additional related resources:

Evangelism Training

Business as Mission

Sharing about the Lausanne Movement

At some point in the service, you may want to take a few moments to introduce the Lausanne Movement to your congregation using any of these available resources:

Bulletin Insert About Lausanne and Global Mission Sunday: 

Two minute video introducing the Lausanne Movement:

We also invite you to take a special offering for the Lausanne Movement or consider joining the growing number of congregations around the world who financially partner with Lausanne as a part of their yearly giving budget.