Energize the global workplace movement.

Equip participants with the right tools and resources.

Engage the global church in workplace ministry.

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GWF Participants

750 participants from over 120 countries

Over 70% from workplaces outside of traditional ministry

Over 35% women

Nearly 35% younger leaders

Intentional inclusion of voices from all occupations, including blue-collar and ‘no collar’ workers

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Nomination and
Selection Process

The GWF is an invitation-only gathering. Participants were selected through an open nomination process, followed by a rigorous and prayerful selection process. 

The nomination process is now closed, but if you are interested in attending you may apply as a volunteer.

Truth and the Workplace

from The Cape Town Commitment

The Bible shows us God’s truth about human work as part of God’s good purpose in creation. The Bible brings the whole of our working lives within the sphere of ministry, as we serve God in different callings. By contrast, the falsehood of a ‘sacred-secular divide’ has permeated the Church’s thinking and action. This divide tells us that religious activity belongs to God, whereas other activity does not. Most Christians spend most of their time in work which they may think has little spiritual value (so-called secular work). But God is Lord of all of life. ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men’, said Paul, to slaves in the pagan workplace. . . (CTC II-A-3C)

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