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The Lausanne Movement is pleased to present Global Classroom. Global Classroom is a new tool designed to connect emerging evangelical leaders to key issues and ideas in global mission today. As these leaders grow into national, regional, and global influence, our hope is that Global Classroom will be helpful in equipping them for mission in their generation.

As this is a new initiative of the Lausanne Movement, we invite your feedback through this form. It will only take a couple minutes, but it will help us produce even better content to bless the global church.

Brent Burdick
Director, Lausanne Global Classroom
Lausanne Movement
[email protected]

How is Global Classroom built?

Global Classroom will consist of episodes, with each episode dealing with one current missiological issue defined in The Cape Town Commitment.

Each Classroom episode is based on a series of short video documentaries (totaling about 45 minutes), and is supplemented by discussion guides, activities and assignments, and further reading. It is a free resources that can be easily adaptable for your setting.

How to use Global Classroom?

The videos may be watched in one sitting or divided into a few sessions, and the supplementary resources may also be used in whole or in parts to fit your context. We recommend it for


Academic and higher education settings, such as a seminary or university class


Ministry staff meeting or a mission-minded small group


Individuals seeking missiological content that is current and globally representative

If you fall into any of the three categories above, we invite you to create a free Global Classroom account to get full access to:

  • Download the video files in HD quality
  • Access supplementary materials like the user guide
  • Share experiences with others using Global Classroom
  • Help shape the future of Global Classroom with your feedback

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Diaspora (beta)

Diaspora is a global phenomenon that has marked the 21st century. Today, more than ever before, people are on the move, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, and for various reasons—terrorism, economic collapse or opportunity, famine, human trafficking, education, to mention a few. There is a tremendous opportunity for ministry to, through, and beyond diaspora peoples.
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Wealth Creation

This Classroom episode is on Wealth Creation for Holistic Transformation, a critically important aspect for mission. The goals of this episode are to explain wealth creation, to highlight the importance of wealth creation for global Christianity and the church, and to inspire young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and individuals so they understand the importance of wealth creation in their context.

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Ministry Fundraising

This Classroom episode is on Ministry Fundraising, a critically important aspect for mission. The goals of this episode are to introduce ministry fundraising; to explore biblical, theological, and spiritual aspects of ministry fundraising; and to suggest best practices and next steps for young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and individuals so they can begin to understand and implement effective ministry fundraising in the context served.

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Research and Strategic Information (beta)

This episode of the Lausanne Global Classroom is on Strategic Information and Research, a critically important aspect for mission. Strategic information is obtained and conducted through research in many ways, from local neighborhood engagement to global movements, and is critical for making both micro and macro decisions.
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