Lausanne Global Classroom: Ministry Fundraising

Episode Overview

This Classroom episode is on Ministry Fundraising, a critically important aspect for mission. The goals of this episode are to introduce ministry fundraising; to explore biblical, theological, and spiritual aspects of ministry fundraising; and to suggest best practices and next steps for young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and individuals so they can begin to understand and implement effective ministry fundraising in the context served. Learn more about Lausanne Global Classroom

Resources are available to use this Global Classroom episode in a variety of contexts including classrooms, small groups, and individual study.

Episode Outline

  • Introduction: Definition of Ministry Fundraising
  • Section 1: Biblical, Theological, and Spiritual Insights on Ministry Fundraising
    • Old Testament Foundations
    • New Testament Teachings
    • The Spirituality of Ministry Fundraising
  • Section 2: Ministry Fundraising in Practice
    • The Power of Generosity
    • Selected Best Practices
    • Cultural Approaches to Christian Ministry Fundraising
  • Section 3: Next Steps
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