Lausanne Global Classroom: Research and Strategic Information

Episode Overview

This episode of the Lausanne Global Classroom is on Strategic Information and Research, a critically important aspect for mission. Strategic information is obtained and conducted through research in many ways, from local neighborhood engagement to global movements, and is critical for making both micro and macro decisions. Learn more about Lausanne Global Classroom

Resources are available to use this Global Classroom episode in a variety of contexts including classrooms, small groups, and individual study.

Episode Outline

  • Section 1: Theological and Philosophical Considerations
    • Why Strategic Information Matters
    • Biblical and Theological Foundations
    • Strategic Information as Relational, Transformative Listening
  • Section 2: What is Research, Anyway?
    • Types and Kinds of Research
    • Current Instances/Examples of the Influence of Research on Mission
    • The Challenges of Research
  • Section 3: Looking Forward
    • What to do with Info/Data/Research
    • Needs and Opportunities
    • Challenge to Young Leaders
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