Of the more than 2 billion children in the world, most are unreached. There is great need for intentional focus on long-term discipleship to help children understand the big picture of the Bible and their part in God’s big story.

Children and young people are the church of today, not merely of tomorrow. Young people have great potential as active agents in God’s mission. They represent an enormous under-used pool of influencers with sensitivity to the voice of God and a willingness to respond to him.

As members of a local church body—comprised of pastors, church members, children’s workers, school teachers, grandparents, parents, youth, and children—what can we do to help children become growing, active disciples of Jesus for a lifetime?

The Lausanne Children and Evangelism Network is committed to connecting children’s leaders and influencers with ideas, resources, and each other in order to see children everywhere walk with Jesus:

We can bring about a transformational shift even through the timespan of a single generation if we seriously address the challenges and opportunities that face the evangelism of this generation of children. May the Spirit of God move us from where we are for the sake of the one in every three people who deserve to hear: God loved the people of this world so much that He gave his only Son that everyone who has faith in Him will have eternal life and never really die. The Cape Town Commitment II-D-5

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Lausanne Occasional Paper

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