The Lausanne Integrity and Anti-Corruption issue network, also known as the Global Integrity Network (GIN) is a response to the Call to Action of The Cape Town Commitment for the church to identify and expose corruption in the church and society and to renounce and repent from this menace in the name and authority of Jesus as Lord.

As The Lausanne Covenant declares, the church, as followers of Christ, must denounce evil wherever it exists. Followers of Christ are born again into God’s kingdom and seek not only to exhibit but also to spread its righteousness in the world.

The Manila Manifesto further declares that nothing commends the gospel more eloquently than a transformed life, and nothing brings it into disrepute so much as the inconsistency in the claims which Christ’s disciples make for him.

Let us strive for a culture of full integrity and transparency. We will choose to walk in the light and truth of God, for the Lord tests the heart and is pleased with integrity. The Cape Town Commitment II-E-4, II-E-1

The first connection between the Global Integrity Network and the Lausanne Movement is in the very understanding of integrity as wholeness—the entirety of life brought into submission to Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. The Lausanne Movement is about the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world—a call to leave no one and nothing out. The call to personal integrity is about bringing the whole of life into alignment with the person, the teaching, and the example of Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord of all. There is no sector of society, no corner of creation, no aspect of personal life that Christ does not claim as his. Not finances, not business, not sexuality, not motives. Integrity is about wholeness on the personal level.

The second point of connection comes in our understanding of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. That good news includes the whole of the story of God and his interactions with the human race, from creation, to the fall, to redemption, to the final consummation—all centered in the person and work of the promised Messiah, Jesus, who lived a sinless life, who died in voluntary sacrifice for our sins, who was raised triumphantly from the dead, who has ascended to heaven, and from which he will return to establish his eternal kingdom in a transformed heaven and earth. A life of integrity expresses the gospel, and prepares the way for the gospel, the good news of grace and truth revealed in Jesus Christ.

Thirdly, a focus on integrity addresses what may be the greatest hindrance to world evangelization; that is, the lack of integrity in the church. If our lives do not express integrity, wholeness, freedom from corruption, if there are inconsistencies and cracks, people will not believe or welcome our message. They will reject the good news as too good to be true, or as obviously not relevant. If people do not feel they can trust what we will do or say, if they are not assured that we are working for the common good, or for their personal good, they will not take seriously what we say about anything else, including the good news of Jesus Christ.

The stakes are immensely high. The Global Integrity Network has an opportunity not only to build common ground with those who do not yet believe, and to prepare the way for the proclamation and further demonstration of the gospel, but it also has an opportunity to rally the global church and its leaders, so that the church does not through its hypocrisy and its lack of integrity undermine or undo all that is being done to bear witness to the good news of Jesus throughout the world.

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