At the recent General Assembly of Europe Evangelical Alliance, Greg Richard, who is the European Leadership Forum organizer, did well by reminding us that Europe is to be looked upon as a missionary priority.

This dramatic reality must be strongly pointed out at the international level. But if we want to reach the whole of Europe with the whole Gospel, I think it is absolutely necessary not to reckon Europe as a monolithic entity, but we must take Europe’s complexity and diversity into account. Before undertaking anything, we must discern differences between European countries with a mainly protestant heritage, those with a mainly Catholic heritage, and those having known Communism and/or Orthodoxy.

As a French citizen, living in a country which is difficult to reach with the Gospel because of its other religious backgrounds mixed with a strong secular influence, I obviously feel a particular burden in my heart to promote the Gospel in European Latin countries.

Jean-Paul Rempp
Lausanne Regional Director for Europe

Jean-Paul Rempp

Jean-Paul Rempp Regional Director for Europe

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