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Hoddesdon, England, 12 August 2011 – Over 180 participants from 21 countries, representing over 50 agencies and congregations involved in Jewish evangelism participated this past week in The Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism’s (LCJE) ninth international gathering. The six-day meeting, with the theme “Mission and Jewish Evangelism – Always and Everywhere ” was a time for leaders to relate stories from the field, consider trends, coordinate strategies and stimulate both theological and missiological thinking on issues related to their movement.  A conference statement was issued and can be accessed at the LCJE website.

The meetings, at the High Leigh Conference Center in Hertfordshire were held with the backdrop of fires and looting in nearby London neighborhoods.  Says Jim Melnick, “We were concerned and prayed as we heard the news but also recognized that such unrest is too often a sign of our times.  The only One who can remedy the chaos in this world is the Prince of Peace himself, Jesus.  For the past 31 years our members have rallied around that message, and that is the message that we will continue to bring in the future, with God’s help, to this needy world.” Melnick, based in the Washington, DC area, is the new LCJE international coordinator succeeding Kai Kjaer-Hansen of Denmark.  The transition into the post will take place in the next several months. 

LCJE came into existence in 1980 through its parent body, the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelisation.  Notable, was the participation of Grace Matthews, Deputy Chair of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation.  Said Matthews “It has been a great privilege for me to be at the LCJE meetings this week in High Leigh.  It is wonderful to see the caliber of leaders who are part of this network and to witness the vibrancy of their fellowship and the freshness of their thinking as they respond to the oldest and one of the most challenging ministries that Christ-followers face.

“The Lausanne Movement is grateful for the fellowship we enjoy with the LCJE ‘in the spirit of Lausanne.’  We will continue to highlight the work of LCJE as a prototype for Lausanne related networks and organizations, and we will continue to do all we can to support the work and vision of this network which is so integral to the witness of the church in the 21st century.”

LCJE is a network of agencies and individuals involved in Jewish evangelism. To find out more, please contact LCJE at:  [email protected]

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