Younger Leaders Generation (YLGen)

A ten-year commitment to journey with younger leaders for global mission

About YLGen
YLGen was launched in conjunction with the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG) in August 2016, to faithfully steward the connections and fruit of the YLG for greater missional impact. It’s a ten-year commitment to walk alongside younger leaders and to connect them more intentionally to Lausanne issue networks, regions, resources, and mentors, as well as to one another through peer groups. YLGen is not just a commitment to younger leaders, but to building connections across generations.

Over 90 percent of YLG participants have accepted the invitation to YLGen, and we are praying for the capacity and resources to extend YLGen to even more younger leaders.

Five YLGen Connections
Younger leaders are invited to participate in any or all of the following five areas:

  • Connecting with a mentor—Being mentored by a senior leader who will come alongside in the Word and prayer and in whole-life discipleship.
  • Connecting with a global connect group—Joining a globally diverse peer group to develop friendships and missional connections through life sharing and mutual encouragement.
  • Connecting with issue networks—Being involved in one or more Lausanne issue networks to collaborate with colleagues on some of the most critical missional concerns.
  • Connecting within a country or region—Being connected to Lausanne leaders, networks, and activities in the country or region.
  • Connecting with missional resources—Receiving curated, choice resources from the church around the world and from Lausanne’s 40 years of missional thinking.

YLGen Leadership Team
The YLGen leadership team is made up of both younger and senior leaders who are volunteering significant time, energy, and passion to launch this initiative. This team is led by Nana Yaw Offei Awuku (previously Lausanne Regional Director for English, Portuguese, Spanish-speaking Africa). You can reach them at [email protected].

  • Director, YLGen—Nana Yaw Offei Awuku
  • Mentoring—Anne Grizzle, Ole-Magnus Olafsrud, Daniel Willis, Andrea Summers, Dave Deuel
  • Connect Groups—Evi Rodemann
  • Missional Resources—Justin Schell
  • Executive Assistants—Florence Chiu, Afua Dogbatsey
  • Las Newman and David Bennett as Lausanne Global Associate Directors will provide leadership for regions and issue-related connections respectively. Attila Nyári serves as liaison from the Lausanne communications team.